New composite ExoProtect passes ballistic resistance testing

ExoTechnologies developed a sustainable composite from DUNA tested bulletproof material

Author: The Shephard News Team

ExoProtect is made from styrene-free resin and sustainable fibres.

ExoTechnologies has developed a sustainable and high-strength composite material called ExoProtect, based on a new specific formula that adds ballistic resistance to its predecessor DANU while maintaining its advantages.

The new technology has passed several rounds of testing, meeting the NIJ Level III and IIIA ballistic resistance standards. Testing was conducted by an independent lab and showed that ExoProtect meets industry standards for protection from small arms. ExoProtect also delivers ballistic resistance against explosive fragments and protects from multiple shots.

ExoProtect is made from styrene-free resin and sustainable fibres, which make it stronger and at the same time lighter than fibreglass, less brittle than carbon fibre, and is not compromised by water.

The composite can also be moulded into complex shapes and be formed to the precise geometries of tactical marine craft, in-service military combat vehicles, and aircraft components to protect personnel and critical mission systems.

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